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Warmly congratulations to Chunwang Annual party was successfully hold

Source:Editor:PV:-Date:2015-02-10 16:06【L M S

  Recently , Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co,. Ltd successfully hold 2014 Annual Party.

  All the company leadership and staff gethered together. The Banquet hall was fully packed . The guests made it graced .

The party was started with an opening dance ” Forward"

opening dance.JPG

The President of the Board " Mr. Wang , The Secretary of The Board Mr.Liu respectively delivered their speeches, summarized and prospect the company . The President of the Founder Securities Southern Region Investment Bank Mr.Yi made his guest speech .He said that he has the confidence with Chunwag.


The development of the company cannot do without hardworking of the staff. The CEO Mr. Wang personally awarded the Certificates and prize.

awarded the Certificates and prize.JPG

Ok, let us review the brilliant party. See? The Hosts are all beautiful and handsome.

The bunch of handsome guys




The Beautiful clouds (Dance “Green Flower Porcelain" "INDIAN DANCE")


Of course, there is a fake beauty " Ru Flower"  ( Short Act “ FILM")

Ru Flower.jpg

See ,there is a couple ( Love song duet)

Love song duet.JPG

The Foolish " 250"  ( Two-man show ” 250 go to school ")

250 go to school.JPG

The wonderful party even attracted the devil .

attracted the devil.jpg

The guests also prepared the performance.

guests performance.JPG

Majestic Poetry recitation “SNOWS--to the tune of Chin Yuan Chun"

Majestic Poetry recitation.JPG

'' Bubble show '' brought the joy to children

Bubble show.JPG

Of course, the kids are not only the Audience, but also the performer ( Song" Happiness like Jindal flowers" )

Happiness like Jindal flowers.JPG

Show “China Style" Won the applause again and again.

China Style.JPG

The most anticipated is the Grand Prize

Grand Prize.JPG

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