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We have been certified by ISO9001, ISO40001, BSCI, GMP and audited by Walmart with certificates of DUNS, National Medicine Registration,National High-tech Enterprise certification.

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Address:Chunwang Industrial Park, Tongle Sixth Industrial Area, Longgang District , Shenzhen, China.

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2015 2/10 1
Warmly congratulations to Chunwang Annual party was successfully hold Recently , Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co,. Ltd successfully hold 2014 Annual Party. All the company leadership and staff gethered together. The Banquet hall was fully packed . The guests made it graced .
2015 2/2 15
Warmmly congratulations to Chunwang Company being a Listed Companies Recently, Shenzhen Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd was authorized the Public Company with the abbreviation:"春旺环保“, Stock code:"831880". Chunwang was born on 1998. Now Chunwang has formed a system of together development on desiccant, air purification, food preservation, household cleaning and other products.
2014 12/11
Chunwang foreign trade team participated in 2014 Asia Expo (Hong Kong). Chunwang foreign trade team participated in 2014 Asia Expo (Hong Kong).
2014 12/11
Chunwang group went to Danxia Montain ,Nanhua Temple for a travel . Chunwang staff went to Danxia Mountain, Nanhua Temple for a travel on October 19th ~20th.
2014 12/11
Chunwang participated the 115th Canton Fair ,2014 Chunwang Company took part in the 115th Canton Fair, on 23th~27th, April, 2014. We show our household series product like home desiccants, deodorants, cleaners, fragrances.
2014 12/11
Chunwang company conducted a safety fire safety drill On November 7th, 2014.Chunwang Company conducted a safety fire safety drill. In this drill, commanders carefully explained the method of escaping, extinguishing, and self rescue, when encounter a fire disaster. All employees received a profound education and knowledge baptism.
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