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2014 12/11
How to clean mold & mildew on the clothes? It is annoyed when you find your clothes get mold & mildew. You find that they're spotting some new colors and an unpleasant odor to boot. Your pure white shirt or pretty skirt was ruined by this tinny mildew spot.
2015 2/6 18
How to dehumidify a car? Recently, car is more and more popular. And driving safety is rather important. When you meet a horrible problem with fogging up windshields on the inside especially in winter days which serious affect driving safety, what to do. Is there an inexpensive way of dehumidifying the car?
2015 2/4 10
What is the difference between electric and non-electric dehumidifier? An electric dehumidifier is generally a household appliance which reduces the level of humidity in the air, usually for health or comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odor. But electric Dehumidifiers are loud, not very attractive, and an energy drain. Are there any non-electric ( and even better—beautiful ) solutions for a humid basement or closet?
2015 1/30 1
How to get rid of the new decorated house odors? new decorated house covers lots of formaldehyde, benzene , TVOC which do harms to before moving into the new house, take some measures to get rid of the odors.
2014 12/11
Those small things that are easy Ignored by us Maybe life walks hastily, maybe trivia is nothing. We usual ignored this minor matter. Walk slowly, view the scenery alongside. Little thing has his big pattern. The small things are below.
2014 12/11
My clothes, beds get wet, and there are some mildew in it, is there any way to solve it? It is very easy to get damp when in continuous wet weather. Sometimes you will see the ground, mirrors, clothing, and leathers water seepage, even get mold and musty smell.
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