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Those small things that are easy Ignored by us

Source:Editor:PV:-Date:2014-12-11 16:41【L M S

  Maybe life walks hastily, maybe trivia is nothing. We usual ignored this minor matter. Walk slowly, view the scenery alongside. Little thing has his big pattern. The small things are below.

  1. Forget to clean your computer: computers need good maintenance. Keep regular disk defragmentation; optimization software with caution; regular cleaning rubbish, dust.

  2. Forget fastening seatbelt: seatbelt is the basic security system in the vehicle. Do not forget to fasten the seatbelt, it is so easy. Maybe you are not like to be bound. But this small seatbelts will safe you life.

  3. Forget a cup of tea. As office workers, we will sit before the computers for long times. Some, even, a whole day, suffering from hyperlipidemia, fatigue, computer radiation. Get of a cup of tea will helps a lot. Tea can eliminate fatigue, prevent from readiation. And even benefits a lot to smoking men.

  4. Forget smile: Long time depression, make us depressed. You are not at your mood, works not good. Cold face, enlarge the distance of communication between us. It is not good for colleague unity, bad for the society. Do not forget smiling. Smile narrows the distance between people. It benefits to eliminate the misunderstanding, and create a good atmosphere. Help to promote the social civilization.

  5. Forget room cleaning. Your living rooms are easy to got moisture if in a long time of dark and humid environment. Your clothes, shirts, toys, foot wares are full of mold and mildew. Damp, mildew, bacteria do harms to us, Regularly take clothing, books, garments, toys out, expose them in the sun. Make your room regular cleaning. I also suggest to put some home dehumidifiers in your rooms, closet, for moisture prevention. They can absorb the moisture, eliminate odors, besides, fragrant your garments.

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