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How to get rid of the new decorated house odors?

Source:Editor:PV:-Date:2015-01-30 18:18【L M S

  new decorated house covers lots of formaldehyde, benzene , TVOC which do harms to humans.

  so before moving into the new house, take some measures to get rid of the odors.

  1. You should open the windows, maintain good indoor ventilation

  2. Growth some green plant, such as ivy, cycads, aloe, they can absorb the formaldehyde and benzene

  3. If your house is full of heavy odors, and you need to clean it rapidly, maybe the relevant indoor environment purification company could help.

  4. But i want to recommend a simple and easy way here. That is house fitting carbon bags.

  Before you moving into the new house, set some carbon bags into your house is very useful , after 2~3 weeks , the odors was eliminated a lot.House fitting carbons main ingredient is activated carbon with super large aperture, super strong odor absorption ability. Put the activated carbon bags into the wardrobe, closet, house corners, refrigerators, under the bed, at the doors and anywhere. But one thing your should care, this is not food ,can not be eaten. so take care of your children.

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